Historical Truth

Can Video Games Tell Historical Truths?

Our take in our Lovecraft + Aztecs title – Javier Rayón

Javier Rayón is the writer and director of Dream of Darkness, a Lovecraft+Aztecs video game for PC. With his startup he tells the real mysteries of history, starting with his hometown of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán, current Mexico City.

Humanity is at a crossroads; we need to learn how to live with the other, as alien as he may be, or risk falling into chaos. Video games allow us to experience this in a way hopefully powerful enough, that players develop critical thinking and tolerance.

Javier believes that these skills were missing in the Spanish-Aztec encounter, the first contact between two worlds. This clash is full of mysteries to this day, so instead of giving one account of the events to the player, he will craft his own with his choices. He will come up with how best to survive, who can be trusted, and what’s the real meaning of the Aztec gods.

In order to achieve this, Javier founded his game startup, studied his BA in game design, and consults with historians and archeologists, so their findings and questions resound with the general public. In the past he has appeared in Shark Tank, received Mexico’s Ministry of Economy Innovation Grant, and prevented high-risk incidents in the oil industry with VR training. He loves mezcal, coffee, and salsa dancing.

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