We are very grateful to all the academics, game makers and cultural heritage workers who have made HGN possible. All contributors are listed alphabetically by first name. Those with an asterisk (*) were panellists for the theme.

Arturo Mariano Iannace IMT School of Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy(Post)Colonialism
Ashlee Bird*University of Notre-Dame, USA(Post)Colonialism
Daniel John Cardiff University, Wales, UKEnvironment
Daniela De Angeli*Echo Games, UKEnvironment
Emil Lundedal Hammar Tampere University, FinlandDevelopment
Emma Fraser*University of California Berkeley, USAEnvironment
Finlay Pearston Abertay University, Scotland, UKEnvironment
Florence Smith Nicholls*Queen Mary University of London, UKEthics
Flossie KingsburyAberystwyth University, Wales, UKEnvironment
Holly Gramazio*Independent, London, UKEducation
Javier Rayón* Imertual, MexicoHistorical Truth, (Post)Colonialism
John Glancy*Imperial War Museum, UKHistorical Truth
Kasia Smith*North Ayrshire CouncilEducation
Laurentius Alvin University of Bonn, Germany(Post)Colonialism
Leyla Johnson*Mohawk Games, USAEthics
Markus BassermannUniversity of Hamburg, Germany(Post)Colonialism
Meghan Dennis*The Alexandria Archive Institute, UKEthics
Maurice Suckling*Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA(Post)Colonialism, Development
Mona BozdogAbertay University, Scotland, UKReviews
Nikhil Murthy*Independent, Bengaluru, India(Post)Colonialism
Richard Cole University of Bristol, UKEthics
Robert HoughtonUniversity of Winchester, UKEducation
Rosalind HulseRoyal Holloway, University of London, UKEducation
Saadia Gardezi* Warwick University, UKDevelopment
Sarah Cole*TIME/IMAGE, UKDevelopment
Sengala DevTangerang, Banten Province, Indonesia(Post)Colonialism
Shu WanUniversity at Buffalo, New York, USAEnvironment
Stefan Aguirre QuirogaUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenEthics
Stella Wisdom*British Library, UK(Post)Colonialism
Stéphanie-Anne Ruatta*Ubisoft Quebec, CanadaEducation
Tine Rassalle*Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (MSJE), New Orleans, USAEnvironment
Ylva Grufstedt* Aalto University, FinlandHistorical Truth